This website was used for the June 2009 North Miami Mayoral Election and is only kept on-line for nostalgia.

Frank Wolland believes in the future of North Miami. His commitment is to the people and businesses of North Miami. Your donation will help elect a Mayor who cares about you.

Police Endorse Frank!
Frank Wolland has always been a strong supporter of North Miami's first responders - they put themselves at risk to keep our citizens safe. As a city councilman, as mayor and as a local resident, Frank always backed police, firefighters and EMT specialists in their important work. It's no wonder the North Miami Police Officers' Association and the International Union of Police Associations (AFL-CIO) have endorsed Frank as their candidate for Mayor of North Miami.
Read their endorsement letters here.

Frank Wolland: 25 years of service to North Miami. He has experience you can trust.

  • City Clerk of North Miami for the past four years
  • Mayor of NorthMiami for two years (1999–2001)
  • Councilman of North Miami for eight years (1991–1999)
  • Former Chairman North Miami Planning Commission for six years
  • President of Police Athletic League (2008–2009)
  • Founder of the North Miami Citizens Police Academy
  • Former Mayor’s appointee to North Miami Personnel Board
  • Past treasurer and president William Jennings Bryan PTA for six years
  • Parent and past Community Representative on North Miami High School Education Excellence Committee
  • Board member, Miami-Dade Homeless Trust
  • Parks activist, pro bono attorney and board member for Friends of Oleta River

We need to keep
Frank Wolland
fighting for us.

  • Frank Wolland will end wasteful spending at city hall. In these tough economic times, our city needs strong and sound financial management.
  • Frank Wolland is fighting formore parks and playgrounds. Our kids need more after-school activities and programs to keep them off the streets.
  • Frank Wolland’s goal as mayor is to keep our streets safe by giving our police officers the resources they need to reduce crime.
  • Frank Wolland knows it is time to lower our water bills. We need to conduct a rate study and re-evaluate our funding alternatives and the need for a new water plant.

On May 12th, please
vote for Frank Wolland
to be our next mayor.
Please call (305) 899-8588
for more information or a
ride to the polls.

You have a stake in North Miami's future. So does Frank Wolland.

Frank Wolland has lived and practiced law in North Miami for more than thirty years. His children were educated in our public schools.

As a councilman, mayor and city clerk, Frank has worked tirelessly to unite our community. Frank's service to North Miami is one of distinction and integrity.

During these tough economic times, we need a mayor we can trust to make the difficult decisions that confront our city.

The Miami Dade Ethics Commission gives Frank Wolland a clean bill of health!
Read more here.

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